George Washington Carver High School “Continuing a Legacy Of Excellence”

GOAL:100 Uniforms $60,000 ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

On behalf of the GWC Band Boosters, we are requesting your partnership and assistance in the purchase of uniforms for the Mighty Marching Tiger Band. It has been 20 years since uniforms have been purchased for our students. Through previous fundraising efforts and band fees, we have been able to purchase instruments, music, fund transportation another operating expenses, but we have not had the funds required to outfit the marching band with uniforms.

Why do uniforms matter? A polished, professional presence in competition and in community events are of paramount importance. We have nevertheless performed during competitions, and have received excellent awards. There have been other invitations to perform, but we did not meet the uniform requirement. We also were not permitted to participate in some local competitions for the same reason. Uniforms will elevate the appearance of our band to match the superior level at which our students already perform.

We want to outfit our entire band with uniforms. The estimated cost of 100 full uniforms (Coat, Bobber pants, Shall (hats), Plumes, Capes and Gauntlets) is $60,000. The Muscogee County School District is responsible for funding $25,000.00 of that and GWC is responsible for all cost beyond that, which amounts to $35,000.00. If GWC does not meet its financial goal, the district will withdraw the funds and will not assist GWC with the purchase of band uniforms for another 10 years.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We want our appearance to match our performance.

We have worked diligently in acquiring bids from top companies to lower the costs to $600 per uniform. We sincerely and humbly request your partnership and assistance in this fundraising effort.

It is our hope that you will support and/or sponsor at least one uniform and ask your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to help us meet our goal. Please prayerfully consider supporting the George Washington Carver High School Band.

Thank you in advance for making this vision a reality!


Warren L. Williams

Director of Bands

G.W. Carver High Band

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