Marquee Project Committee Plan

To: All former Students and Friends of George Washington Carver High School

This is to invite you to contribute to the GWCHS Marquee Project Committee Fund

What will we do?

Each one of us will make a pledge at one of the following Donor Levels to fund a Marquee Sign on the Campus

near the school. 

What is this about?

Carver has needed a Marquee Sign since it opened in 2012.  We could have used it throughout the Pandemic for Community wide Announcements. 

Therefore, we are inviting everyone now to contribute at whatever level to accomplish that goal. This project will be our last collective Legacy to GWCHS.

Has the Technology been tested?

What is the next step ?

Alumni Announcement checks are payable to:  George Washington Carver High School (GWCHS) Marquee Committee Project (on the for line)        Mail to:         George Washington Carver High School              P.O. Box 1204           Columbus, Georgia 31906            Attn: Marquee Project Committee Chair 

Yes, Mr. Lindsey has tested the Technology of the System. He is very pleased, and the product has been selected pending down payment.

Over the next week, we are INVITING each one of YOU to make a pledge. 
If successful, the word will spread and all Classmates who want to can donate. 
This gift is to show a Big Appreciation for the foundation we got at Carver that has served us well
all these many years. 
   For additional information, Please Call or text any one of the following Committee Members:

           Ann Caggins, Committee Chair 
           (706) 566-1762

           Carmel Biggers, Co-Chair
           (706) 575- 1658  

           Daniel Williams, Co-Chair
           (706) 536-4502

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