2022-24 Nomination of Officers

George Washington Carver Alumni Association, Inc.
Executive Board Nominations for Officers
for 2022-2024
The Nominating Committee invites you to submit nominations for the Executive Board. We will be accepting nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Parliamentarian.
Nominations will be accepted now until April 15thand voting will take place on May 28th during the meeting.
Who is Eligible?
All financial members who are in good standing are eligible to serve. Active members in good standing with recent appointments are eligible to be nominated.
How to Recommend Nominees
You may nominate yourself or others. Please use the following nomination form to suggest nominees. You may suggest as many members as you like. Be sure t include accurate contact information for the nominee. Send completed forms and supporting documents to:
George Washington Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O.Box 12042
Columbus, Ga 31907
Attn: Nominating Committee

The Nomination Process
The Nominating Committee, after receiving and review of nominations forms will submit a single slate of candidates for office to vote on.
Duties of the Board
Board duties include but are not limited to: managing and directing the business of the Alumni; determining questions of policy that arise between meetings of the full membership; assisting with monthly meetings; participate on committees.

Nomination Form
Your Name:_________________
Email Address:__________________

Nominee’s Name:_____________________
Office for Nomination:_________________
Telephone Number: Home:_____

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